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The most advanced temperature control system in the world
Innovation meets excellence.

Per soddisfare la crescente richiesta degli operatori del settore alimentare di poter controllare la temperatura di pasti ed alimenti nasce Smart Heater Polibox IoT. Grazie all’apposita app ed al servizio Cloud è possibile avere il sistema di controllo della temperatura più evoluto al mondo.


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The isothermal container in expanded polypropylene SMART HEATER POLIBOX IoT is equipped with an innovative heating technology that uses a system of self-regulating thermal generators in combination with heat accumulators and a sink plate.

The operating mode of the heating system makes sure to consume the minimum amount of energy to stabilize the required temperature, also accumulating the heat of the contained product and then releasing it.

An internal microcomputer optimizes the temperature control of the contained products. Through the wi-fi connection that allows remote container management with an APP (Android or IOS) it is possible to switch on, switch off and program and check the temperature of SMART HEATER POLIBOX IoT. Through the commands transmitted or set with your Smartphone, the APP and the cloud service, SMART HEATER POLIBOX IoT will be available 24/7.

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The user can remotely control up to 8 Smart Heaters, even if positioned in different locations. Manual, Automatic or Programmed Control available.

Manual control
Remote Switch On and Off

Automatic control
Simply set the holding temperature on the App and, via the cloud, the microcomputer will assure the user-defined temperature.

Programmed control
Switching on and off based on a Stopwatch (Countdown timer) or Timer (Date and Time) set by the user..

App and multi-user Cloud
Several users can monitor and monitor the same containers.


Registration of the last 10 manual (user) or automatic / programmed actions.

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Smart Heater

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