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Porter Mini Activ

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The ACTIV box with electric heating system for thermal maintenance and easy-open front opening system with 200 W power.



How to use Porter Mini Activ?

1. Connect the power cord. The red LED and the green LED light up: red LED> power supply, green LED> resistance supply.

2. When the resistance reaches the temperature, the green led turns off. NOTE: if the green led is not lit by connecting the power cable, call for assistance.

WARNING: Do not clean the heating plate under running water or by pouring in a liquid product but use a damp cloth.

How to dispose of Porter Mini Activ?

Disposal of the packaging must be carried out in compliance with the local regulations in force for environmental protection and waste disposal. The same applies to the disposal of the product once discharged. Proper waste disposal helps to protect people and protect the environment, which could be compromised.

More Information
Product code Ref 110961
Loading Front
Capacity (Lt.) 49,0 L
Color Black
Box color Nero
Internal dimensions (mm) 540x340x267 mm
External dimensions (mm) 605x406x376 mm
Available heights (mm) 267
Density (g/Lt.) 45
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