POLIBOX® is now the most established brand in the production and distribution of controlled temperature transport systems of perishable products, in the areas of commercial and collective catering, banqueting, food processing,

Polibox® isothermal containers® thanks to the closed cell polypropylene foam structure are: suitable for food contact, resistant, hygienic, economical, they do not give away odors and unusual flavors to food, they are easy to wash and sanitize after use and 100% recyclable , (HACCP System).

Quality and Innovation are the key elements that distinguish the new 'performance' lines: Crystal (patented Skin Molding technology with a perfectly smooth interior, compliant with UNI EN 12571 standards); Activ® (the active retention box); Handtop; Powerbox; Smartpolibox and Food Delivery. Specialization, research and training are constantly updated to ensure high quality standards, in full compliance with the European Food Safety Regulations.


SDS is a company with quality system certified ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO140001: 2015.

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